Top 25 phrases my two year old uses.


2.“Go away Mommy!”

3.“Look at the trash truck (digger, RV, city bus, bus, taxi.. whatever)!”

4. “Oh sh*t?” (repeating something he may or may not have heard in the seconds prior. Though granted this one shouldn’t be classified as a top phrase since he has only said it once and was quickly corrected that it was actually Oh shoot.)

5. “NO!”

6. “I’ll make some coffee.”

7. “I don’t want that!” (or that, or that.. or anything for that matter.) 

8. “I don’t know.” (usually the answer to any questions about what he did during the day.)

9. “I’m 2.” (The answer to “how are you today?”)

10. “I got it!” (In response to anyone trying to help him)

11. “I dude it!” (Also in response to someone helping him)

12. “NO!”

13. “I want DADDY!”

14. “Um, I don’t think so.”

15. “Wine; mommy’s drink.”

16. “Help me!” (quickly followed by…)

17. “NO! Not you Mommy!”

18. “Oh, cool.”

19. “I don’t like that.”

20. “Roll up the window! It’s too cold!” (Said even when it’s 90 degrees outside.)

21. “Up!” (This one actually doesn’t mean up. It’s actually “yup.”)


23. “Otay.” (Okay)

24. *sigh “Fine.”

25. “I love you…. daddy.” (Frequently said to mommy.. just to be “funny”)

 What are some of the top phrases your little one is known to say almost everyday? 


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2 responses to “Top 25 phrases my two year old uses.”

  1. good2begone says :

    I don’t have a 2 year old, but my boss does. His constant phrases include-

    1- wha yuu dooing?

    2- I Ion maaan. (Iron man)

    3- yuu a poopie face.

    Such a great age.

  2. Leanne - The Mommy Radar says :

    We had a scare with #2. Silly Grandpa didn’t know ears were listening. But, like you, it thankfully hasn’t been repeated.

    I just loved #15.

    Mine says a variation of #20. Everything is “cold” ALL the time. Even my 4 year old points out that her brother has no idea what cold means.

    And the pronunciation on #23 makes my heart melt, every single time I hear it.

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