Nothing Inspirational Here…

On occasion, when I’m having too much faith in the human race in general and need to slap myself back down into reality, I will scan through the news. In general, I stay away from headlines which indicate any kind of violence (just cut any articles down by about 95%) because they are simply too discouraging. But among the ones I looked at this weekend, these are the top three which made me shake my head in disbelief (for the last week or so anyways.)

Topping the list was the recent movement titled Free Jahar. (check out the video link here if you don’t believe me.) Now, whether you believe this young man is innocent or guilty or what, it’s up for a jury to decide. To be honest, I have a hard time believing that there are so many government conspiracies out there but maybe I just have too much faith in the system. More appalling to me, however, is the fact that many comments on the Twitter page have little to do with the evidence against this suspect (of which I’m sure the police are not going to share with every media outlet out there) and more to do with the fact that the suspect is too cute to be violent. Are you kidding me? I might not accurately remember what I was like as a 14 year old girl but I am damn sure I wasn’t that stupid. Clearly none of these girls know of a serial killer by the name of Ted Bundy, who often used the innocence of his looks and charmed his victims into his snares. Seriously, if your only reason is that someone couldn’t do something like this because they are too good looking, please get off the Internet. You clearly are not of sound enough mind to keep yourself out of trouble.

In second place, there was the article where a GOP republican compared the planned parenthood to the KKK. (Check it on the link here) Um… what? I don’t even know what to say to this one. Whether your beliefs, which you can choose to follow on your own, I’d rather some services exist to help people make better decisions (even before pregnancy) than have people leaving their babies in dumpsters or trying to give their babies away in a convenience store like this woman here. (Actually, I guess I just sneaked in there another story which made me shake my head.)

Lastly, and to end my mini rant here on a positive note, (ok, maybe positive is a bit of a misleading word) is this article. Someone has decided to make fashion accessories out of roadkill. That’s right, roadkill. Nothing says class like a dead fox purse (no.. not a fox fur purse, dead whole fox) and perhaps some dead bird wings on your head. And what can this roadkill fashion cost you? Upwards of $3000. And here I was thinking roadkill art would be cheap. Perhaps the biggest question I had while looking at this article was why on earth would this even be a link on a media news page? Then again, I am talking about which seems to come up with some of the most pointless “news” I’ve ever seen. At least it will give me something to blog about on the occasion my own creative juices are running a bit low. 


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