Don’t Yuck My Yum

This phrase is actually a pretty common one in our house. Simply put, it means if I’m enjoying something that someone else in the house doesn’t (like music, food, show), they don’t need to express their disgust over it with mean faces and strong words. It’s pretty simple just to say “I don’t really care for that” rather than “Eww, really? That’s disgusting.” (Although sometimes, with the concoctions my husband makes in the kitchen, I have a hard time not wrinkling my nose.)

So, to that end, I had a thought (well, obviously more than one thought) when New York tried to place the ban on sodas. When I first read about New York’s attempt to ban soda, I was a little irritated by it. It’s not because I’m an avid soda drinker( though from time to time I will have one) but more because I don’t think that we should have to ban something just because people suffer from lack of control. I also wondered why on earth the law makers thought that this could work. There was no ban on getting refills or buying multiple drinks at once, so what was the point?

Being the oldest of three children, I think (ok, I know) that I have an issue with people forcing their beliefs on me. I don’t like to be told what to do, especially if I don’t see the purpose in it. The true issue with the soda ban is not the soda itself, but the people who choose to drink it by the gallon.  For the most part, I’m a healthy eater. I’m a marathon runner (all right, well, I’ve run a couple of half marathons and only one full and at mile 18 was pretty sure I was crazy. By mile 22, I knew I was). But I am a runner and I know the downsides to junk food and sodas. This does not mean, however, that you won’t find a stash of girl scout cookies in my freezer or the rare soda in the fridge. My children, from time to time, also will get a treat and enjoy a cookie or a treat when we go to the movies or go out. They won’t drink soda mainly because they don’t like the bubbles and that’s fine with me. Had I never worked in fast food, I probably wouldn’t have started drinking soda in the first place but then that was my lack of self control, not the place I worked for’s fault. I mean, it should be up to us to make informed choices, right?

I once knew this parent who was a huge advocate for “healthier” snacks at the preschool that my son went to. Thanks to her ranting and raving, they nixed everything but organic cheerios and a few fruits for snacks, a move which left the children eating the same old same old every day. To be fair, the center was already offering organic things for the children to eat, she just didn’t think they should be eating anything like crackers or other cereals at all.(I don’t know what diet she was on!) I thought it was good for them to offer the organics but if the parents of all the other children were fine with the healthy snacks being offered why was this woman dictating what our children could eat? It’s not like they were offering them bon bons and soda for snacks or even any of the foods on the dirty “dozens” list. And if she really didn’t want her kids to eat wheat, flour, whatever, why couldn’t she just pack them their snacks from home? The annoyance with this woman was only compounded when I took my son for an ice cream at McDonalds (see I admit we don’t always eat the healthiest… which you know is true if you read this blog here ) and saw her sitting with her three children allowing them to chow down on sodas, nuggets and fries. Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with this; after all, the best thing you can teach your children is moderation and there are such things as “sometimes” foods. But this woman had preached on and on about the sins of the organic food the school was offering and food with any sugar in them whatsoever. She just couldn’t believe a center would ever offer young children cheese crackers and graham crackers which were beyond terrible and yet here were her children stuffing their faces with something just about as inorganic as one can get. I’m pretty sure she saw me shaking my head at her in disbelief because from then on, she avoided eye contact with me at the school.

So, what’s my point? Just that because some people have certain beliefs on how to eat and how much to eat and all of that, doesn’t mean they should be forcing others into that path, especially if the family is leading a fairly healthy and active life style. Sure give me the information and allow me to make the decision but don’t tell me what to do. I just hope they never decide officially that wine is bad for you and put a cap on the happy hour refills. 😉

uh oh.. better call the snack police! I’m teaching him to make peach pie, full of sweetness and I might even top it off with some whipped cream! =)



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  1. bensbitterblog says :

    I think that is a great expression. Why don’t I use it?

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